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Diet and Exercise Prescription- its time for a tune up
Every patient should have a customized diet and exercise plan particularly if they are high risk e.g.. diabetics, hypertension, high cholesterol, or metabolic syndrome. Talk to us, your health care professional, to design a comfortable routine. Consider a personal trainer and/or a nutritionist for extra motivation.

The truth about fish oil, is yours pure ? Is it enough?
Many fish oils are available, yet some are purer than others. You need omega 3, (DHA/EPA are most important) read the label carefully, try and get at least one gram of DHA/EPA in your fish oil capsules per day. Higher doses may be needed . Talk to your doctor.

Body Mass Index do you know yours?
Body mass index (BMI) can be derived from a formula:
( kg/m² )     (weight in pounds * 703 )
height in inches²
One should aim for 18.5-24.9, 25 and above is overweight, and over 30 is obese.


Do you need your Vitamin D levels tested?
Certain patients are Vitamin D deficient, this may be associated with osteoporosis. At risk patients should take a blood test to see if a supplement is needed. A good diet and some moderate amount of sunshine are important to keep the Vitamin D level up. Post-menopausal women and older age men are at risk for this vitamin deficiency.

New ways of dealing with stress
Some new ways of dealing with stress are meditation, daily exercise ,slow down to talk to a friend or neighbor, do a good deed. Remember the mind/body are woven together both need nurturing."Water your own garden"!


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